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Unacceptable Materials

Free-Flowing Liquids
Gasoline, oil, paint, antifreeze, lubricants and water.

Non-metallic Materials
Garbage, wood, concrete, plastic, glass, cardboard, paper, rags and dirt.

Radioactive Materials
Military and medical scrap, smoke detectors.

Scrap Containing Residue from Hazardous Materials / Wastes
PCBs, Asbestos, Freon/CFCs, Mercury, Cadmium or lead painted materials.

Fireworks, firearms and ammunition.

Poisons, Infectious Materials or Chemicals in Solid, Powder, Liquid or Gaseous Form, Medical scrap and fertilizers.

Flammable Materials
Gasoline and kerosene.

Stolen Materials
Never acceptable!

Corrosive Materials
Exception: Batteries that are separated from other scrap.

Pressurized or Closed Containers
Acetylene Tanks are never allowed! -- Closed and uncut propane tanks, compressed gas cylinders, aerosol cans, fire extinguishers and tanks. See Cylinder Safety Memo.

Sealed Drums
Exception: Empty drums may be accepted ONLY if they: Have no residue, no odors and no hazardous materials marking AND are open-topped, cut in half or crushed.